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Dr Marie Jarrell among the finalists of the MSCA #FallingWallLabs competition

- Published on 25/05/22

Dr Marie Jarrell, BIENVENÜE fellow hosted at IMT Atlantique, presented their work among 15 finalists during the MSCA Falling Wall Labs competition on 24th May 2022 in Paris.

The MSCA Conference celebrated its 25th anniversary on May 23th and 24th in Paris. The session organized by Université Paris Sciences et Lettres – PSL was the opportunity to celebrate the MSCA program – through which the BIENVENÜE programme is co-funded -, and to consider its future support to researchers in Europe.

The MSCA Falling Wall Labs competition took place on May 24th: 15 finalists presented their research projects in 3 minutes in front of a high quality jury composed of researchers, academics and institutions. Dr Marie Jarrell presented their work on Breaking the Wall of the Human/Virtual Divide and how to use Augmented Reality technologies to reduce bias and stereotypes.

I remember Bienvenue sending me an email, they said, and I just decided to give it a try. I suppose you could say I wanted share my work with the larger scientific community but mainly I just wanted toput myself out there more and take a chance at the competition.

I met so many amazing people and learned so much out the vast and varied research being conducted around the world that we got to celebrate. I made a few new friends and learned a bit about Marie Sklodowska-Curie at her lovely museum in Paris.

Also the preparation for the event was incredibly useful. All the speakers attended an online workshop on how to craft a scientific presentation that was both entertaining and understandable to the common person. I think I will hold onto those tips and the connections I made for a long time.”

The replay of their pitch is available on the conference website (from 47:47). Learn more here a about their research project ARAvIden.

Congratulations Marie for being among the MSCA finalists!

Photo credit by Paris Sciences et Lettres

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