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Results of the 2022 Call

- Published on 23/06/22

We are pleased to publish the results of the BIENVENÜE Call 2022 today. Please find here the results with:

  • the Selection list (27 best ranked proposals)
  • the Reserve list (following 13 best ranked proposals)

The selection was established by consensus by the Scientific Board (see composition), based on the scientific evaluations done by the External Experts. The Scientific Board paid particular attention to three elements: 1) the project contribution to the Regional Innovation Strategy (S3) 2) The potential for the candidate’s career development 3) the inclusion of international, interdisciplinary and intersectoral dimensions.

In addition to the expected selection of 25 projects, the Scientific Board has selected two additionnal projects. This decision was taken following the renunciation of two researchers selected during Call 2021 after the closure of the reserve list.

In case of a tie in total scores, the ranking of applications was made according identified priorities: 1) Scientific excellence of the project 2) Potential of the candidate 3) Potential outcomes of the project 4) Feasibility of the project.

Should you be on the selection list: If you accept the BIENVENÜE fellowship, you must send a confirmation of your acceptance to msca-bienvenue@bretagne.bzh within two weeks of this notification of success. You will have six months to start your project after the publication of the results, i.e. until January 31st 2023.

If you do not answer in due time or if you refuse or withdraw your application, the fellowship will be offered to another applicant in the descending order of the reserve list.

Should you be on the reserve list: We thank you in advance for confirming us that you are still interested by the BIENVENÜE fellowship. This will be of great help for managing the reserve list.

Should a selected applicant decline the BIENVENÜE fellowship, we will propose the position to applicants of the reserve list in descending order. The reserve list will be open for six months, until December 23rd 2023.


For every candidate:

You will receive on this day your evaluation summary per email. We hope this feedback will be helpful for the next steps of your academic career.

If you consider that there was a deficiency in the way your application was assessed, and that this deficiency influenced the final decision, you may ask for redress. This may only concern the evaluation process and not the scientific or technical judgement of your application. To do so, please contact msca-bienvenue@bretagne.bzh within 30 days of receiving this notification. This request should be argumented.


Feel free to contact us if you have any question about the Call.

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