Part of the Institut Agro, a French accredited higher education institution, Agrocampus Ouest welcomes each year around 2000 students. Heir of a 19th century college, AO offers multidiscplinary courses (life sciences, engineering sciences, economic and social sciences, and management) as well as international programmes like Erasmus Mundus or double degrees. 

Agrocampus Ouest is internationally recognized for its excellence in research with subsequent research infrastructures and facilities such as

  • Experimental facilities dedicated to fish monitoring and animal breeding
  • Technological laboratories and measurement platforms dedicated to plant and seed phenotyping or multifactorial assessment of the sustainability of agricultural systems
  • A nationally acknowledged platform dedicated to milk transformation
140 full-time professors/researchers in Rennes and Angers
13 research units, 9 of them being joint research units

AO researchers use to good advantage the school position within the broaded French regional scientific cluster in life sciences, including ANSES, IFREMER, INRAE and IRD research centers, and agricultural and veterinary higher education institutions. AO researchers are also involved in competitiveness clusters in plant science (“Vegepolys”) and in food science (“Valorial”).


AO research topics are aligned with the RIS3 and more specifically to:

  • Food economy for everyone to eat well
  • Economics of industry for intelligent production
  • Maritime economy for blue growth
  • Health and welfare economics for a better quality of life


Meet the fellows

Selection of applicants ongoing
Start 2022/02/16 End 2022/06/23

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