Cookies Management Policy

Cookies are text files, often encrypted, stocked in the terminal equipment of the user (computer, tablet, telephone, etc.) and linked to a website. They are created when the browser of a user loads a specific website: the website sends informations to the browser that creates a text file.
Every time the user returns to the same website, the browser collect the text file and sends it to the server of the website. The cookie generally contains the name of the server which sends it, a unique identification number and an expiration date.
There are several diverse types of cookies, which do not have the same purposes:

  • The technical cookies that are required to ensure the proper functioning of the Website. For example, they are used while you are browsing our website, to facilitate it and to carry out certain functions. For example, a technical cookie may be used to memorise the answers given in a form, or else the preferences of the user as language or appearance of the website, when options such as these are available. These cookies do not require the consent of the user.
  • The statistical cookies of audience measurement allow us to track the actions of a user on a website, and specifically to generate traffic statistics of our website, which can be useful to improve our services.
  • The social network cookies can be created by the social platform, to allow web designers to share the content of their website on these platforms. These cookies can especially be used by the social platforms to track the navigation of the internet users on the website concerned, wether or not they use theses cookies.
  • The advertising cookies can be created not only by the website on which the user browses (internal cookie), but also by other websites broadcasting advertisings, news, widgets or other elements on the page being displayed (third-party cookie). For example, these cookies can be used to promote targeted advertising : in other words advertising based upon the browsing of the user. We use technical cookies, that are necessary for the proper functioning of our website.

We use cookies of audience measurement of Google Analytics, which is a statistical tool for audience analysis. It generates cookies, allowing us to measure the number of visits on our website, the number of pages being displayed and the activity of the visitors. Your IP address is also collected to establish the city from where you log into the website.

These cookies are stocked in your browser for a period of thirteen (13) months by default. You may set your browser to reject these cookies, which allows you to accept or decline our cookies, to decline systematically all the cookies or to ask for your required consent for each cookie you meet during your browsing on the internet. Simply follow the instructions on your browser. We draw your attention to the fact that such a refusal could however prevent this website to function properly.

We do not use social network cookies. We do not use either advertising cookies, but if we were to do this, they will be collected only with your prior consent. You will be able to disable the use of cookies in the settings of your web browser.