Researchers at the Station Biologique de Roscoff focus on understanding better the evolution of life and ecosystem functioning and the adaptation of marine organisms in response to global change. It mobilizes researchers from biology, environmental sciences, chemistry and mathematics areas.

Two fields are mainly investigated:

  • Basic biology, with the study of orignial evolutionary lineages
  • Marine biodiversity and eco-systems

Besides, SBR researchers are involved in innovation activities like environmental impact studies. They are also addressing the role of science in society issues, in particular in regard with the climate change impact on marine ecosystems. They are participating in public events such as conferences and science cafés, or working on participative science based projects (Phenomer).

The leading European departement in Oceanography and the third worldwide, according to Shanghai’s thematic ranking 202
300 scientists organized in 4 research units


SBR research activities relates mainly to the RIS3 Maritime economy for blue growth SIA.

Meet the fellows

Start 2022/06/23 End 2023/01/31

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