Sophie Brajon, ethologist, working on enhancing pig farming systems
Nathan Vannier, biologist, working on solutions against drought
Hélène Audusseau, biologist, working on urban biodiversity
Alexandre Puyguiraud, geoscientist, working on fluid mechanisms at the very small scale
Silke Lehmann, molecular plant physiologist, working on algal extracts to enhance crop growth
Marie Jarrell, researcher in psychology and computer science in Augmented Reality
Daniel Manzoni de Almeida, working on public health and science education
Fernando Fernandes dos Santos, computer scientist, working on computer fault tolerance
Trinetra Mukherjee, microbiologist, working on microbes living in extreme conditions
Marine Landa, a marine microbiologist, working on a bacterium that kills algae
Sebastian Metz, bioinformatician, working on the parasite infection process in clams
James Behan, a chemist working on materials providing greener electrocatalysis
Sophie Hage, sedimentologist, is working on the carbon cycle off the Congo River
Kandi Sridhar, a food chemist, is working on microencapsulation of legume proteins
Grégoire David, chemist, working on the development of methods for the study of magnetic properties
Jean-Charles Leclerc, marine ecologist, working on the study of seaweed forests
Morgan Smits, marine biologist, studying the mechanisms of clam immunity
Fernando Ramos Queiroga, marine biologist, working on the reproduction of bivalves
Maxime Laurans, chemist, working on the valorisation of nitrogen
Soizic Garaud, immunologist, working on the identification of predictive biomarkers of immunotherapy side effects
Pavanee Annasawmy, oceanographer, studies the distribution of micronekton
Nicolas Bigot, biologist, working on a key DNA repair protein
Lorraine Tual, geologist, unravelling how mountains form
Giulia Sacco, a researcher in electronics, developing antennas for biomedical devices
Stina Kolodzey, a marine ecologist working on the role of kelp in food webs
Alberto Macario Farto, a physical chemist performing experiments on molecular interactions
Marios Zacharias, a computational physicist looking to improve solar cells efficiency
Lucia Rodriguez Loureiro, a social and environmental epidemiologist, deciphering the association between the urban environment and cardiometabolic health
Aude Chesnais, political ecologist, working on traditional ecological knowledge
Margaux Mathieu-Resuge, ecologist, working on the quality of sardine food
Dumitru-Claudiu Sergentu, computational chemist, building tools for the rational design of molecular magnets
Israël Tankam, a mathematician working on the practical applications of mathematical modelling in agriculture
Raouf Hammache, a chemist working on the fouling and aging of membrane systems