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The BIENVENÜE programme is presented in the Spring 2024 EU Research magazine

- Published on 03/05/24

The BIENVENÜE project is the subject of an article in the EU Research magazine.

This is an interview with Prof. Olivier David, Vice-President of Student Life, Higher Education and Research for the Britanny Region, with contributions from four researchers (Dr Marisa Navas, Dr Carlos Arce-Chamorro, Dr Jean-Baptiste Masson and Dr Sylvie Campagne).


The Brittany economy has changed significantly since the 70s, building on its traditional strengths in agriculture and fishing, while also embracing the technical development and innovation that will encourage growth in the industries of tomorrow. Continued commitment to research and development is crucial to both the health of the Brittany economy and the region’s ability to address major contemporary challenges says Olivier David, Vice-President for Student Life, Higher Education and Research at Region Bretagne.

“We want to support projects that will help us deal with issues around the environmental, energy and social transition”, he outlines. This was a major motivating factor behind the founding of Bienvenüe, an international post-doctoral fellowship programme designed to attract talented researchers to Brittany, coordinated by Région Bretagne. “New knwoledge is being produced by laboratories and research facilities across Brittany. With Bienvenüe, we aim to attract researchers from across the world,” continues Olivier David.

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How to cite the article: David, O., Navas, M., Arce-Chamorro, C., Masson, J., & Campagne, S. (2024). ‘Brittany welcomes post-docs with Bienvenüe’, EU Research, Spring 2024 vol. (37), pp. 52 – 54

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