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2 fellows permanently recruited this fall: Congratulations!

- Published on 06/12/22

After a year of fellowship, two BIENVENÜE fellows have been hired permanently in Brittany. Congratulations to both of them!

Giulia Sacco

Giulia Sacco has been awarded a MSCA Fellowship and begun her position as CNRS researcher in the same laboratory she undertaked her BIENVENÜE fellowship. She shares about her experience : “BIENVENÜE program through REACH-IT gave me the possibility to consolidate my collaboration with the Institut d’Electronique et des Technologies du numéRique (IETR) in Rennes. The project’s results together with the achieved scientific maturation helped me to receive the founding for a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship and to secure a permanent position in Conseil National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) at IETR starting in October 2022”.


Sophie Brajon

Sophie Brajon, postdoctoral fellow at the PEGASE laboratory, has begun her position as maitre de conférence (lecturer) in September 2022.

During these 11 months of fellowship, she said, I had the opportunity to discover and be active in a participatory research project, develop new expertises (conduct of semi-structured interviews, use of the non-invasive technology thermography), but also become a leader and coordinating an important field survey implicating 9 researchers from two different laboratories (UMR PEGASE in Rennes and USC IECM in Nantes). This experience has also allowed me to reinforce my French collaboration network, and to start new collaborations with French researchers specialized in various domaines (sociology, animal health, stress physiology). This has been highly beneficial for the PIGORAMA project, but also will be in the future.

I have begun my new position as lecturer in integrated animal physiology at the pedagogical unit Animal Sciences and Productions (UP SPA) at the Institut Agro Rennes-Angers. My research activities are part of the PEGASE laboratory. I have begun some teaching activities, and will continue my post-doc research until December 2022. Then, I will work on a new research axis consisting monitoring individuals’ physiological trajectories in response to environmental and social factors, in order to identify potential physiological rupture risks and possible levers for integrating animal health, welfare and productivity. My work will integrate the 3R principles, in particular the refinement of measuring methods, as I will develop and use low or non-invasive methods.

The BIENVENÜE team wishes both of them well and applaud their permanent recruitment in Brittany, reinforcing Breton research and innovation in the long-term.


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