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Information Session 15.01.2021

Non classé - Published on 18/01/21

We held a Information Session about the programme last Friday. Thank you to everyone that participating for your enthusiasm and your questions!

The agenda was the following:

  • The BIENVENÜE programme – short presentation of key aspects
  • Schedule and selection process
  • Advice on how the write your application
  • Q&A

Please find the presentation here.

This presentation is a summary of the programme. You can find extensive information on the Guide for Applicants. You will however find here tips and important links on how to write your application.

There were a lot of questions on different aspects of the project. Check out our FAQ to read them and the answers. Some questions deserve more research and answers will be added soon.

There were also a lot of questions regarding the RIS3. We understand this might difficult to understand to see if your research might fit into this strategy. It is also difficult to give you a precise answer about your particular research topic, as we, Région Bretagne, are not experts in each field.

 How can you have a first idea with elements based in this presentation?

First, check out the Strategic Innovation Areas and the transversal axis (green circle) on slide 7. There are also detailed on this website under the “Strategic Innovation Areas” menu. It will give you an idea of the general thematics we are interested in. Subdomains can give you an better idea.

Then, check out the Strategic Objectives (slide 8 and 9). The translation is not the finished version but it will give you an idea of what they are. You want your project to contribute at least to one of them. This contribution can be direct or indirect.

Unfortunately we don’t have yet a full translation in English of the RIS, which details every thematic and explain the Strategic Objectives. It will be available by the beginning of February 2021 and linked on this website. For now, please refer to the French version: https://www.bretagne.bzh/app/uploads/20_DIRECO_SIS_01_S3-b.pdf

If you can justify that your research proposal is linked to this RIS3 in a scientific perspective, it might be linked. The relevance of this justification will be evaluated by your peers during the scientific evaluation.

More on the RIS3 and how to include it in your application .

Finally, as repeatedly said during the webinar: don’t hesitate to contact us! We are fully mobilized to answer all your concerns regarding the programme.

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