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Meet the BIENVENÜE fellows

- Published on 15/11/21

Since October, several researchers have begun their BIENVENÜE-funded research projects. Read below to meet them and learn more about the variety of funded research-projects under BIENVENÜE Call 2021.

Since October 2021

Dr Hélène Audusseau for the EcoHeat project “Urban heat island: a filter or selection pressure on biodiversity? Study of the impact of fine scale variations in climatic condition on species”
Hosted by University of Rennes 1 at the ECOBIO lab
Hélène will study the adaptation of the biodiversity to temperature in a very specific ecosystem: cities. Read more

Dr Sophie Brajon for the PIGORAMA project “Alternative pig farming system with outoddor access: reconciling farmer’s expectations and pig’s needs and expectations”
Hosted by Agrocampus Ouest at the PEGASE lab
Sophie is exploring possibilities of more sustainable agricultural systems for a mainstream application, in particular for pig farming. Read more

Dr Silke Lehmann for the VASEC project “Valorizing abalone enzymes and seweed to enhance crop growth”
Hosted by University of Southern Brittany at the LBCM lab
Silke is working on plants responses to environmental stresses at the molecular level, in particular on the use of seaweed for crop fertilization. Read more

Dr Alexandre Puyguiraud for the PanoramX project “Novel porous materials and models for optimal mixing”
Hosted by University of Rennes 1 at the Géosciences Rennes lab
Alexandre is investigating fluid mecanisms in rocks at the very small scale, in order to understand rocks geometrical structure and how it can be useful to optimize synthetic materials. Read more

Dr Nathan Vannier for the MICROBES project “Managing microbiomes through Biodiversity to support Ecosystem Services”
Hosted by University of Rennes 1 at the ECOBIO lab
Nathan is working at a better understanding of microbiote dynamics on cereal crops, to find solutions against drought using microbes and as few water as possible. Read more

Since November 2021

Dr Emilio Barchiesi for the ArchiMit project  “Multi-scale and multi-physics approach to the fabrication of architected materials for shock mitigation in naval engineering”
Hosted by University of Southern Brittany at the IRDL lab
Emilio is working on developing new materials for ships and naval engineering. Such applications have specific constraints and risks one has to take in consideration at every step of construction and design.

Dr Marie Jarrell for the ARAvIden project “Examining Virtual Avatars in Augmented Reality’s Unique Dual Present form of Identification and its Cognitive Effects on Users”
Hosted by IMT Atlantique at the Lab-Sticc lab
Marie is examining identification, a psychological phenomenon, on users during experience within augmented reality. They aim to understand how perceptions are affected and better control generated bias. Read more.

Dr Giulia Sacco for the REACH-IT project “Wearable electromagnetic haptic interfaces for augmented reality”
Hosted by University of Rennes 1 at the IETR lab
Giulia is developing a biomedical device using electromagnetic methods, in order to assist blind people to situate themselves and evolve in their everyday life.


The fellows have until end of January 2022 to begin their projects. Such delay is often necessary for researchers to relocate from very far (and deal with issues such as visa requests).

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